Let's Drink To That The 'Original Deck'

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🍻 IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR DRUNK ON: Pre-Drinks just got the level up they needed - so here comes the ‘Let’s Drink to That’ experience. Within this wild and wonderful game you can find the iconic categories ‘Say it or shot it’ ’Never have I ever’ ‘Most likely to’ and our very own ‘Random deck’ filled with cards that will have you exposing your deepest secrets and In tears of laughter.

📝 HOW TO PLAY: Drinks at the ready!, Shuffle up them cards or play them by categories, spread them around and take turns pulling a card. Each time a card is drawn, the player has to perform an action associated with that card and category. The longer you play, the tipsier you get! 🔎 WHAT’S INSIDE: There are x250 dynamic cards that printed on premium ‘splash proof’ playing cards designed to start your night right.

🥃 PERFECT FOR PARTIES, GAME NIGHTS, EVENTS AND MORE: We don’t say it lightly when we claim to be the ‘Ultimate drinking card game’ - with custom artwork on all the cards and questions that are designed to be ‘No-Skip’ there’s endless ways to play!

🙋‍ ADULT ONLY: Let’s keep this 18+ okay! Play with beer, shots, wine, ...whatever, but always Drink Responsibly :)

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